Cha Cha Cha Dance

Cha Cha Cha DanceThe Cha Cha Cha often referred to as the Cha Cha came to be when composer and violinist in Cuban, Enrique Jorrin of the group Orquesta America during the 1950’s. He watched dancers on the floor having issues dancing to the syncopated rhythms of Danzon Mambo. In order to create music that would truly appeal to the dancers, he started composing songs with a melody that was strong in the beginning, downbeat and the rhythm was not as much syncopated.

The first time this new music was performed by Orquesta America, they were in Havana at the Silver Star Club. Dancers began changing the way in which they danced and created a triple step into their foot movement which created the sound cha cha cha, so thus it became the name of the dance form.

The dance is performed to Cuban music in majority of cases, however, for competitions; it can be Latin Rock or Latin Pop. There are different variations but the original cha cha cha count was two, three, cha cha cha and one, two three cha cha or 4 and 1, two and three.

The man is normally the leader and begins by taking a checked step forward using his left foot while leaving a bit of weight on his right foot. The right leg knee has to always stay straight and very close to the left knee back, while the left leg becomes straight just before getting some of the weight. Even though this is the first step, it is taken on the second beat of the music. All the weight is then back on the right leg for the second step which is beat three. For the fourth beat, it turns into two or three steps creating the cha cha or the cha cha cha. The last step is the side with the left foot while the right foot is towards the left foot and closed which places both feet right underneath the hips.