At Jive Connection, you will be introduced to some of the most popular dance styles through the centuries. Many of these may not be very popular today, and there are many other dance forms that were inspired from these older dance styles.

As a matter of fact, the history of these dance styles is fascinating as you learn about their origin, and even about the ones that were banned. You will have to read more to learn about them, and you will be surprised in a way that will be the fun, reading about these dances forms.

Quite a few of the dance forms are still taught today in dance classes around the world and some are still performed at clubs and ballrooms. Many of the dance forms have several different variations so it would be very interesting to take a class or two, so you could learn how to perform the routine whether you do it for pure joy or to get some exercise.

You will love learning about the Jitterbug also referred to as Swing, Country and Western two-step, Cha Cha Cha often referred to as Cha Cha and how it got its name, Cuban Rumba, Salsa and where it originated, surprise of the origin of the Tradition Square Dance, the many different styles of Tango, and just how long the Waltz has been performed.

Enjoy learning more about these dances and then check out a dance class near you to learn what dance forms they teach as there are so many more than what is found on this website.